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What our clients say

  • Never have we encountered someone so tailor-made for their profession.

    “With Chris, we were able to sell our house in less than a week! In this economy that is virtually unheard of, and our actual sales price was $11,000 more than our upper range projected sales price! He also saved us $8,000 on costs.

    – Kamerion Wimbley, former Cleveland Browns #95

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  • We would absolutely recommend Olsen Ziegler Realty with 100% confidence

    “We would absolutely recommend Olsen Ziegler Realty with 100% confidence. With the extreme constraints of a highly competitive housing market and our need to relocate out of state, finding the right realtors with a high level of expertise and professionalism was a must for us.”

    – Mike & Mariann-

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  • When it came time to deciding which Realtor to use to help my wife and I buy our first home, there was no question, Chris was our guy. We had met a lot of different Realtors during the beginning of our search. Realtors such as the sleazy cars salesmen type, all the way to family friends looking for a favor just didn’t fit right with us. Chris was totally different. He is a calm, quiet man who strives to educate his clients on all the aspects of home buying. As first time buyers, his patience to answer all our questions was greatly appreciated. He was always available to take our calls and would go into as deep or shallow of an explanation as we needed. Several times, he spent over an hour or more teaching us about the different facets of the industry.

    He worked around our odd schedule and it was always easy to schedule with him to take us to showings. He was very knowledgeable about the structural aspects of homes, always looking at all the mechanics and taking copious notes. A couple of times we saw some freshly renovated/flipped homes and he would politely point out all the flaws and shortcuts the builders had taken. This was very helpful as we were sometimes blinded by the shiny frills the remodeler wanted you to fixate on. He quickly learned what it was we were looking for in a home and even started suggesting places we hadn’t considered. It was fourth of July weekend when we found the home for us. He worked through the whole holiday weekend to get our offer accepted and secure a contract.

    Chris and his wife run their own independent realty company because they believe in doing what is right for their clients. Which as we came to learn, is not the way the realty industry operates as a whole. He explained numerous ways in which the major realty companies make even more money off you. They do this through owning or having joint ventures with allied real estate businesses that they push you to. These can include mortgage and title/escrow companies. In contrast, Chris recommended independent companies that Olsen Ziegler Realty has no ownership or allied real estate business with. He fought aggressively for our interests and wasn’t afraid to ruffle feathers when needed. When it came time to selecting a loan he had some recommendations, but encouraged us to shop around.

    We would highly recommend Chris Olsen as a Realtor to anyone buying their first home or anyone shopping for a home. We were truly amazed by his personal touch, deep knowledge, and patience. We are so glad we chose him to help us find the home of our dreams.

    Logan & Kayla

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  • Chris was nothing short of fantastic!!

    My wife and I were in need of a realtor to list our property in Richfield that we had owned and had rented out for several years. After realizing we didn’t want to be landlords and that the property was becoming a pain we decided to try and sell it by owner at first. There was little activity and not having it listed on the MLS was really holding us back.

    We then decided that having an agent list the home was our best option. Like most people we have numerous friends and family members who are realtors and have used their services in past sales and purchases. No matter what friend or family member we used in our sales or purchases we were always 100% un-happy and felt like we were un-represented by them. I also didn’t want to use a large company that has 20 inexperienced so called agents on a team represent me.

    That is when I remembered the yard signs for Olsen Ziegler Realty around the Brecksville and Richfield area. I did my research and read all of the reviews on Google, Zillow and a couple other websites. They were all fantastic and raved about the representation from Chris Olsen on their selling and purchasing side. They were not a huge corporate company with hundreds of clients where you’re just another number not a name. We decided that we would give Chris a shot and hopefully sell our property.

    This wasn’t your normal house to sell either it was a challenge for sure. It was a 1 bed, 1 bath condo built in the 70’s and had an Atrium entrance that resembles something out of the TV show Three’s Company. The Condo was also part of a self governored HOA that was extremely difficult to deal with. Chris made some great suggestions to get the Condo in its best listing condition with small simple upgrades and popular paint color suggestions. He also kept me from losing my mind dealing with the HOA and home Inspectors.

    There were a lot of showings, a lot of negative feedback but as Chris says it only takes 1 to like it. We had an accepted offer fall through due to a Home Inspection that was a grocery list long and we refused to budge. Then Chris reached back out to a buyer who made an offer around the same time. They ended up buying the property and it closed right before Christmas. I call it the Christmas Miracle!

    Chris was on top of the whole process and stayed on the buyers agent, the title company and everyone involved to make sure it was done properly. He kept me involved in every step and communicated everything with me . I have a pretty hectic work schedule but Chris was able to text, email and call me for everything I needed.

    We couldn’t be happier to get rid of that property and leave it in the past! We have Chris Olsen to thank for that! I highly suggest Olsen Ziegler Realty over any Team of agents or large company that you see around town hands down!


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