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Lucky thing I’m not superstitious eh?

I’m running the half-marathon in the Fall Classic in two days so I stopped by the running shoe store to pickup up my race packet today and the race director happened to be there passing them out.  She smiled and said look at the bib # you drew!!!


 It’s a lucky thing I’m not superstitious eh?

Think about it, my guess is, since there are about a thousand or so runners, what are the odds that I would draw this #?  Okay, a fifth grade math student can calculate the %, but I always knew I was special, it just took me 50 years to realize it.

Heck…I’m gonna go run out and buy my first ever lottery ticket today (just kidding…I once took a probability class in college and one of our projects was the probability of winning the lottery compared to other events), so I think I’ll save that $1 bill.

If I have a bad race time, or fall down, or injure myself, at least I have a scape goat.

Coulda been worse I suppose, I could have drawn #13.



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